Understanding the difference between #1 Diesel and #2 Diesel

Fuel suppliers know how vital diesel fuels are for a sprouting economy. But, there are multiple types of diesel fuels that have left commoners confused about the oil. In this article, let us differentiate the most commonly visible types of diesel fuels, i.e. #1 or 1-D and #2 or 2-D diesel.


Volatility is the measure of how quickly fuel evaporates. The compound known as cetane is the one that determines the volatility of diesel fuels. #1 diesel has more of cetane in comparison to #2 or 2-D type of diesel. #1 diesel fuels make the engine start faster; hence there is low consumption of oil during the starting process. Fuel suppliers in Abu Dhabi, UAE conclude that although #1 diesel has short ignition delay, it is the #2 diesel that fares in fuel efficiency. Hence it can let you travel a few more miles with the same amount of fuel. Also, the high volatility of #1 diesel fuels is one reason why it is of low energy content.


Viscosity is the thickness of diesel fuels. It is vital for the fuel to flow easily else it may block and cause damages in the engine. #1 diesel has low viscosity than #2 diesels. It is because paraffin wax is absent from the former. Hence, it flows effortlessly.

In cold temperatures, the #2 diesel fuels start to gel, creating blocks in the flow. In these days a blend of both #1 diesel and #2 diesels is used for the efficiency of an engine. However, when the temperatures start rising the #1 diesel becomes extremely thin, and that also is a problem for engines. Here using #2 diesel fuels will solve the issue.

Added additives

Lubricants, detergents and other additives find a place in #1 diesel fuels. All of these increase the efficiency of fuel.


Lubricants are the supporting substances required to run the wheel of the industry. It not only reduces the friction between surfaces in mutual contact but also reduces the heat generated. Lubricants protect many parts of the engine, such as injection pumps and seals. The smooth functioning of the engine due to less friction help in extending its life. Choose the best lubricants from us – leading lubricants and Grease supplier Abu Dhabi


With constant usage, there are sediments on the engine parts that lead to curbing its functioning. However, the cleansers present in #1 diesel fuels help in clearing all the debris. This way, a clean fuel system increases the life of the engine.

Other fuel additives

Demulsifies also find a place in premium #1 diesel fuels. They separate emulsified water from the diesel fuels as even the most efficient system has set-backs, moisture can seep in the engine and ruin it. However, using #1 diesel makes sure that there is no corrosion or build up inside the engine.

Such detergent and lubricants supply is not available in #2 diesels. Hence it cannot be the most suitable choice for safeguarding the engine along with efficient fuelling.


Premium diesel, i.e. the #1 diesel, offers a lot of benefits. Low ignition delay, safety to engine parts, useful in cold weathers are some reasons why using it may result in fewer repairs. However, as privilege comes with a price, #1 diesel fuels is also a costly option. The #2 diesel fuel is comparatively cheaper.

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