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Tips for Handling Industrial Lubricants

Understanding the best industrial lubricants is of utmost importance for their optimum utilization. Recognizing their handling and usage mechanism helps companies to avoid mishaps. Even the best industrial lubricants may falter and cause casualties if not taken care of correctly.

This article focuses on understanding lubricants and grease along with the tips to handle them accurately.

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How to handle the drums

There is a huge global demand for lubricants. Hence, it's a common sight for companies to store lubricants and grease in drums. However, handling these 240+ kgs of lubricant drums isn't easy. To ferry different types of industrial lubricants in drums, at least 2 people are required. They have to roll the drums gently and have control over its motion. If allowed to roll freely, it can be potentially dangerous, leading to a massive fire.

How to Avoid Contamination

Since companies stock on different types of industrial lubricants, it’s crucial to see that they are free from pollutants. Even the best industrial lubricant may damage if exposed to contamination. To avoid it, it is advisable to name each drum and use separate dispensers for each lubricant. Using desiccant breathers to eliminate chances of moisture seeping is also pivotal for their safety.

How to safeguard your skin

Upon understanding lubricants and grease, one realizes that these may sometimes be potentially dangerous for your skin. The synthetic materials can cause burns or major health hazards. Hence, using gloves, creams, and other protective measures helps to keep the skin safe. In case of contact, immediately wash your skin in running water and contact a medical practitioner.

How to transfer lubricants

You may have come across several tips for selecting lubricant suppliers. However, there is rarely a talk about the right equipment used in the process. Using separate equipment for various lubricants is a way to eliminate contamination. Apart from that, minimizing manual handling can also elevate the life of industrial lubricants by keeping them clean.

How to safely use lubricants

Some machines need shutting down before applying the lubricant. Others can function during the process. Before jumping into the process, ensure that you know the requirement of the machine and function accordingly. Pipe the oil caps in a safe place, remove guards, and take every precaution required for your safety before lubricating the machine.

Other tips to handle the best industrial lubricants safely are:

  • Always wear protective clothing, including gloves, PPE, goggles, glasses, and other equipment
  • Do NOT smoke near the lubricant storage or while working with them
  • Colour the drums for better understanding lubricants and grease
  • Always properly replace guards after the lubrication process
  • Immediately wipe the floor in case the lubricant has fallen
  • Conclusion

    The global demand for lubricants keeps increasing due to the industry's needs. Hence, it's always a better choice to safeguard our resources with efficient handling. The above tips shall help you elevate your lubricants' life and ensure there are no fatalities in the process.

    If you have further doubts about handing in lubricants or more, please get in touch with us. We are the leading industrial lubricants suppliers in UAE in delivering the best lubricants and grease for your wide range of industrial purposes.