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Know Your Diesel Fuels... Clear vs Dyed

Diesel fuel is a prominent factor in accelerating the growth of the economy throughout the world. The producers and exporters of crude oil have eminently benefitted in this trade. However, the disadvantages of using this fuel turned out to be fatal for the humankind. Researches were conducted that revealed that the high sulphur content is deadly. It may cause acid rains and severe smog pollution. Humans, too, will be engulfed in respiratory problems and lung diseases.

The governments took a vital step and introduced Ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD). The quantity of sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide was reduced from 500 to 15 parts per million (ppm). This step has drastically increased the cost of production for the diesel suppliers in UAE, but the earth remains a safe place. Diesel trading companies Abu Dhabi deal only in ULSD that is also known as the clean fuel.

Having said that, are you aware that ULSD is available in two types, i.e. clear and dyed? Read on to find out the difference.


Clear- As the name suggests, clear diesel fuels is clear or slightly green in appearance. The tint of green denotes that the fuel is fresh. Sometimes one can also spot a pale yellow colour which means that the fuel is a bit old. Though that should not be a matter of concern as being fresh or not doesn't affect the combustion capacity of diesel fuel.

Dyed- Normally, diesel fuel is dyed. But the one that is used for off-road purposes has a prominent red coloured dye mixed in it so that it is easily recognizable.


Clear - Clear diesel fuel is used for on-road purposes. This is meant for vehicles that travel on the road, i.e. car, trucks, SUVs etc. Even marine vehicles run on clear diesel.

Dyed - The coloured version of diesel fuels is apt for usage off-road. Farm tractors, heavy construction equipment, generators and agricultural equipment are the ones that extensively use the dyed diesel fuel. Earlier the diesel fuel that was used off-road has high sulphur content, but now the government has decided to supply the 15ppm sulphur fuels to control the pollution.


Clear- One can purchase clear diesel fuel at any fuel station and diesel suppliers in UAE. It is readily available for use.

Dyed- Dyed diesel fuel may not be available at all the fuel stations. However, you may occasionally stump onto someplace that sells this kind of diesel fuel for off-road purposes.


Clear- This is a taxable fuel and therefore priced higher than the dyed diesel fuel. As the dyed diesel fuel is relatively cheaper people may think of using it for the on-road vehicles. This will not affect the working of your car but can make a sort of criminal.

Dyed- Dyed diesel fuel is exempt from the taxes. Hence it is prohibited to be used for on-road vehicles.

There is no chemical difference between the clear and dyed diesel fuels. However, since the latter is used for industrial and agricultural purposes, the government decides to keep it off the tax duties. Hence the diesel suppliers in UAE use the dye for distinction.

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