industrial lubricants

Industrial Lubricants and their Types

Lubricant supply is a common word of usage, especially when you are working with machines. They need lubricants to work effortlessly. If you earn your living through a machine that needs frequent lubrication, this article is for you.

We all know that a lubricant helps a machine to function properly. But it is not all. The industrial lubricant also helms the following functions.

  • • It reduces friction between parts.
  • • It helps prevent wear and tear of the machine and its parts.
  • • It creates a layer against corrosion.
  • • Controls the machine from overheating
  • • Takes any dust, dirt or grime to the filter and saves the device.
  • • Help in the transfer of kinetic or potential energy.
  • • Acts as an overall preventive barrier.

Industrial lubricants are a careful blend of base oil and additives. Lubricant supply in UAE can help you with the right lubricant.

When we have a close look at the industrial lubricants, they are of four types. In terms of viscosity industrial lubricants are as follows:-


Oils are thin liquids made of polymer chains and additives. The additives are mostly antioxidants that prevent the oil from oxidation, hence making it corrosion-resistant.

It comes in different weight, i.e. 5W30 or 10W30. As the number lowers the viscosity of oil lessens. Hence, a 5w grade oil is thinner than the 10w. Oil is mostly used for hinges, bearings, tool maintenance, sharpening blades etc. These are the areas where there is a small space for penetration and oil can easily seep into the gap. Also, oils are used when you do not want the resistance of the grease.

However, there are places where oil shouldn’t be put. These are:-

  • • Surfaces exposed to grime because the oil will trap all the dirt and turn gummy, causing unwanted friction.
  • • When the area is in contact with water as all the oil will wash off the surface.
  • • When you want a clean space after lubrication, but the oil will drip and create a mess.


Greases are solid industrial lubricants made with mineral oil and thickeners, i.e. lithium-based soaps. Greases stick to the surface, unlike oil that drips away. These are the ones that act as a barrier and protect the surface against corrosion and damages.

Companies doing lubricant supply in UAE recommend using grease for linkages, gears, chains, bearings etc. It is used as a sealant against dirt and water. Also, if the machine is used extensively, it is wise to put grease rather than oil.

However, they have limits too and cannot be used everywhere. Grease must not be applied to the following parts:-

  • • Machine mechanism is fast-moving where grease can cause resistance.
  • • Again if you want clean surroundings, abstain from using grease as it may fling when the parts move.

Penetrating Lubricants

Also called the saviours of machinery, penetrating lubricants are a must-have at every industry. When there is a bolt stuck due to years of rusting that cannot be loosened with maximum pressure, these come handy.

Companies doing diesel trading in UAE use these to break the rust build-up and give new life to the machinery. 90% vegetable oil and 10% acetone provides the lubrication that can seep through the tiniest holes. But the lubrication they provide is short-lived and not meant for long times.

Dry Lubricants

Lubricant particles such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide, silicon and PTFE are the ingredients of a dry lubricant. Though they are dry, the molecular dimension of this lubricant makes it super slippery. It is used in hinges, locks, 3D printer rails, threaded rods etc. Most of the times these are available in a spray bottle mixed with water or alcohol. These evaporate after application, and the thin, dry lubricant film sustains.

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