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The Global Demand for Lubricants

The first commercial car by Ford came into existence in the 20th century. Since then, the internal combustion engine has been continuously evolving, requiring the need to robust lubrication. Anybody who is watchful of the basics of industrial lubricants knows how the oils have evolved to suit present-day machinery.

Global Demands of Lubricant through the pandemic

The year 2020 reported the global market share of the best industrial lubricants at 157.6 billion US dollars. By 2025 it is expected to rise to 182.6 billion US dollars, registering a surge of 3%.
The surge has been continuous and ignoring the pandemic that halted all operations. But the specialists did confirm that it is the evolution of lubricants that help maintain machinery life even when the operations freeze for long periods.
With that derivation, the requirement for lubricants and grease for various purposes becomes evident.

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Have a look to know more about the best industrial lubricants for your needs.

A quick recap of the basics of industrial lubricants

What is industrial lubricant?

Every machinery works with friction, and heat is the by-product. Industrial lubrication eases friction and enables the smooth functioning of the machine. It can also control the heat generated during the process. In short, it is an essential element to maintain machinery working at its best and also ensure its long life.
That being said, safety is not the sole purpose of the best industrial lubricants. There are various types of specialized lubricants and greases to safeguard different parts of the machinery. Have a look.

What are the different types of Industrial Lubricants?

There are different types of lubricants and greases to suit every industry. Here we have a brief of the specialized lubricants and greases serving various industries.

Compressor Oils

Compressors are critical for the smooth functioning of a machine. If there is slight wear in it, the entire machinery tends to break down. The mishap can be due to chemical and mechanical wear. Oil oxidation and water, air contamination can also play a key role in ruining the compressor.
The specialized lubricants and greases used for compressors mix synthetic oils and antioxidants to provided extended life to the machinery.

Grease Oils

Gearboxes and transmission systems may face problems without the usage of specialized lubricants and greases. Leaks, water contamination, dry starts, oxidation, etc., are the main culprits leading to expensive repairs.
Multi-dimensional gear oils constitute mineral oils, synthetic oils, multi-grade oils, etc., to suit the unique requirement of gearboxes and transmission systems.

Hydraulic Oils

Parts of machinery that function on hydraulic mechanisms work on hydraulic oils. You will require this type of industrial lubricant to safeguard brakes, elevators, excavators, etc., against oxidation, water contamination, leaking seals, and erratic operations.
The hydraulic oils that are the best industrial lubricants will possess low and high-temperature stability and capacity to keep oxidation in check.

Motor Oils

Motor oils are specially formulated to lubricate moving parts. It can prevent corrosion, improve fuel efficiency and also stop sludge formation. These specialized lubricants and greases enhance life and reduce frequent maintenance requirements. Industries also benefit as there is less downtime and more productivity.
The type of industrial lubricant that acts as a complete solution for gasoline, gas, and diesel engines is motor oil.


Environments with extreme heat require a special type of industrial lubricant to thrive. Grease is the apt choice in such a situation that also helps prevent rust and corrosion. Greases, one of the best industrial lubricants, help extend the life of bearing and improve the machine's productivity.
The best quality greases are multi-purpose, biodegradable, and long-life lubricants that safeguard the machine for a long time.


As you see, it is time to understand the basics of lubricants and greases and use specialized product for each purpose. It will help to safeguard the machinery and maintain its longevity.
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