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How to select the basics of Industrial Lubricants?

Lubrication is a complicate business. Recent research states how a high percentage does not know to choose the best industrial lubricant and ends damaging the machinery. It is clearly because lubricants and grease are confusing.
Here we explain the basics of Industrial Lubricant. Read on and never be in confusion again.

There are 3 types of lubricants:

  • • Fluid-liquid
  • • Semi-solids- grease
  • • Solid- Dry

Each type of lubricant has a distinctive function. Also, it is made up of different ingredients to serve you in the best possible way.

Environmental factors

The following environmental factors are scrutinized to choose the best industrial lubricant.


The functionality of lubricants and grease varies with temperature. Or we can suggest that not every lubricant will work in all climatic conditions.
For instance, a grease containing barium-complex thickener with hydrocarbon base oil works efficiently at -60°C but may not be ideal for high temperatures.
The user manual might have suggested a specific lubricant, but the same may not work at a lower temperature. Hence, it is the user who determines the product.

Moisture and Dust

If a machinery's working conditions are prone to moisture and dust, the lubricants and grease must be capable of providing a shield. Moisture makes the machine susceptible to corrosion and can damage it instantly. In such a condition, when you chose the best industrial lubricant, opt for the one with good anticorrosion properties.
Similarly, if the machine comes in immense contact with water, there is a possibility of a washout. Hence, opt for lubricants and grease that both anticorrosion and resistant to water washout.

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Application factors

The usage of your machinery, too, determines the lubricants and grease.


The type of motion, i.e., sliding or rolling, determines the lubricant type. Both the motions require unique bearings to work.
When selecting a lubricant supplier, opt for the one who excels in the job. They must know motion and the kind of lubricants and grease that will work for each.


Each vehicle or machinery is used uniquely. These run on variable speeds that are slow, medium, and fast. With the acceleration comes increased friction. When you venture to choose the best industrial lubricant, opt for the one that minimizes friction with the optimum physical attributes.


The load is also directly proportional to friction. A light load machine is sensitive to friction, while the one that tackles heavy load is susceptible to gritting and extreme wear.
The lubricants and grease one chooses must minimize metal-to-metal friction. The physical attributes contribute to preventing a machine break down during excessive load and friction days.

Quantity and Frequency

When you chose the best industrial lubricants based on the above factors, it is also essential to use them diligently. Your A-game in lubricants and grease happens when you get the 3 R's.

Right Time

The frequency of lubrication determines its efficiency. Most bearing failures are due to infrequent lubrication. Greasing too often or automatic greasing may lead to bearing failures. Hence deciding the right time to lubricate is essential.

Right Amount

The quantity of lubricants and grease is essential. Manually regreasing with high or low amounts of grease can cause more harm than good. Over 64% of bearing failures result from increased operating temperatures caused by the overuse of greases.

Right Lubricant

No one denies the fact that the best lubricant may differ according to the machinery. When selecting the lubricant supplier, look for the one who can study your machinery's environmental and functional capabilities and advice lubricants and greases accordingly.


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