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Everything You Need to Know About Automotive Lubricants

Lubricant supply is a never-ending business due to the immense benefits to a variety of trades. We all know that automotive lubricants play a vital role in the functioning of the engine and increasing their life span. These work by reducing friction and enabling easy movement. Due to the myriad benefits, the global demand for lubricants is always on the top.

Though we understand the importance of the best industrial lubricants, we are yet to know about them in detail. This article shall shed light on the best industrial lubricants in UAE, i.e., automotive lubricants.

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What are Automotive Lubricants?

Our vehicles function due to the right amount of friction between the parts. However, this friction and environmental particles create a jinx in operation after some time. It may result in rust, brokerage, and other damages, sometimes causing unbearable expenses. Here is when the lubricant supply in Abu Dhabi comes into existence with excellent automotive lubricants.

These are fluid-like products that enter the vehicle to ease friction. They smoothen the functioning of the engine and create a shield to protect it from environmental hazards. In other words, automotive lubricants are vehicle saviors. Hence, there is immense global demand for lubricants.

What are the components of Automotive Lubricants?

Automotive lubricants are made of 2 parts, i.e., base oil and additives.

Base Oil

Almost 90% of the best industrial lubricant is made of base oil. It can either be mineral oil obtained through refining crude oil. Or it can also be synthetic oil that is laboratory-made.


Though present in a tiny amount, additives are essential for the automotive lubricant. These help reduce friction, clear remnants, and improve the viscosity index of the lubricant.

What are the types of Automotive Lubricants?

There are multiple types of automotive lubricants. However, the main 3 types are below-

Engine Oil

Also known as motor oil, the engine oil is a part of routine engine service and maintenance. It helps prevent rusting and eliminates foaming from the engine. Engine oil increases fuel efficiency, and its additives enhance the oil quality. Since there is a release of acids from the fuel, engine oil encompasses qualities that neutralize this acid.


Grease is thicker in consistency and enables smoothness in the drive. When you begin hearing the squeaky sounds in the engine, understand it's time to grease the bearings. Ideal for gears, chains, bearings, and linkages, grease is a highly efficient lubricant. It safeguards the vehicle in extreme temperature and ensures zero damage.

Gear Oil

Sometimes there is an extreme temperature rise, and the vehicle requires instant lubrication. Hence, gear oil comes to the rescue. It's a high-power automotive lubricant formulated to withstand intense pressure and temperature.

What are the benefits of Automotive Lubricants?

Lubricant supply in UAE is at its peak. It's because of its multiple benefits. Here we list a few benefits of automotive lubricants, so you know why the global demand for lubricants is always high.

  • Reduce the friction among different parts of the vehicle
  • Distribute the produced heat and maintain optimum temperature
  • Prevent the parts from chipping and major damages
  • Block the process of oxidation and prevent rust
  • Clear off the sludge and other contaminants of the engine
  • Enhance horsepower of the engine
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Conclusion

    The best industrial lubricant helps increase the efficiency and life of your vehicle. It saves you from costly repairs and makes the riding/driving experience worthwhile. Hence, always opt for the best company dealing in lubricant supply in UAE to receive high-class products.

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